We are a 501(c) non profit organization in York, Pennsylvania.

Our main focus is our Tour Program - a series of seven (7) weekly 18-hole tournaments held at different courses in the York area from

mid June until late July. Players compete in 5 different divisions.

Girls, Boys ages 14 and under, Boys ages 15-18 playing from the

white markers, Boys ages 15-18 playing from the blue tee markers

and the 9-hole division for ages 8-14.


Prizes are awarded to the top finishers each week, and players also earn points toward the YCJGA Cup - our season-long points competition for determining the “Player of Year” in each division.

Once again we will be holding our Developmental Tour at Briarwood

Golf Course. We will be using the driving range, putting green and the

5 holes from the former Briarwood West course.

The gentlemen who will be overseeing our program are Jeff Van Etten

PGA ,Wayne Jacobs  and Tom Long. Our program will consist of

3 stations each week. These stations will provide 15 minutes of instructions each. Once completing the instruction the participants will then play a few holes on the former Briarwood West (5 holes). There will be no qualifying this year for our nine-hole division. If you sign up for the Developmental Tour, you will report to Briarwood each week. (Tuesdays).


For the top players in our tour program, we also will hold a unique “post season” tournament, The Ryder Cup. This will be held August 1,2022 @ The Outdoor Country Club.

Registrations for all divisions will be on the web site by mid-March. The deadline to register is June 1st.

Honey Run Golf Club will be home to the YCJGA beginning this season and all registrations should mailed to:

YCJGA Tour / Honey Run GC

3131 S Salem Church Road

York,PA 17408